Recyclable friendly company


ETET TRADING CO LTD believes in the well fare of our eco system. We have set some internal rules in regards to handling plastic, nylon, batteries and cartoon boxes

1. All our orders are shipped with top condition, clean and dust free but used all ready cartoon boxes. We do not purchase any b/new packaging cartoon boxes. We pack your orders in a perfect condition used cartoon boxes as i.e shoe boxes, electric devises etc.

2. All used batteries are packed and disposed into community Battery disposal areas

3. Plastic bags and any other nylon materials are gathered and packed into special carton boxes which our stuff disposed into designated by the local green community and of Limassol municipality authorities.

4. Carton and paper is packed into pallets and every Friday evening, the local paper recycling collecting service, collects and process our disposals.

All the above creat additional costs as in labour and working time but Planet Earth and Cyprus is above all.

We care and love Cyprus - we do what ever it takes to save and conserve the enviroment